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Yeti Memories

LeRoy, the Yeti, was one of the original members of Cucumber Castle. I thought about using the mailing list but I'm not certain people have their correct emails on that list anymore, and somehow this seemed more inclusive of anyone who might want to share, wish well, comment... I've made this post public and you can comment anonymously which means you don't have to have a LiveJournal account - but if you do that, please leave some way of identifying yourself so we know who you are.

I first met LeRoy at a birthday party I threw for his Aunt, one of my friends. At the time I just remember him as incredibly tall, and very quiet. Odd considering that those don't remotely describe my feelings about him later on! I was also a bit uneasy around him as I'd been informed that he 'liked me'! We were teenagers; being uncomfortable around the other sex was pretty much a given. Of course, later he'd be so familiar and comfortable that this memory feels odd to me.

I'll never forget a Pathfinder Camporee when someone commented on his height, they were told 'he's from Costa Rica!' - as if that explained it and everyone from Costa Rica was incredibly tall.

Locust & Yeti are still , and I think forever will be, inseparable in my mind.

He was fantastic fun to travel with. In New Mexico he took time out at one of our rest stops in the Grand Canyon to jump from boulder to boulder across an area that was extremely spread out. Both littlewillow and I told him that they were quite too far apart to be doing that! Sure enough he managed to gash his leg open so that two months later when we were filming the music video to 'Haunted House', Rika asks him about the ouchy on his leg - still quite prominent!. He was a blast to film with - Darth Sugan being one of his more fantastic roles, and he always knew when to just offer a random back rub just because.

I have more memories but I don't think I can write more of them right now. If you want to, if you are willing to, share a memory or two or three. A photo if you have one digitalized, a video, a link to a post where you've shared memories - for those of us too far away to attend a memorial service this is a virtual visitation, a way to remember and have some closure.

Yesterday I compressed the Farmer Tom video I'd captured for my DVD project into a form that could be posted on YouTube and I've put it below. It both makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Leroy Andres Guindon
5 August 1980 - 8 July 2007
You will be missed.
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I am just going to give you my video tapes, I keep meaning to and so I will just send them to you so you can do what you will. THe video is amazing. LeRoy and Andrew at there best.
That would be fantastic. I really need Ulysses and Immigrant Song - I don't have those from anyone, and both of them feature Leroy with some finer moments so if anyone has them...
Ohhhhh yes! Who could forget Tickle Pickle!!! That was the best!!!

Like Christy, I too met Leroy at the same birthday party that she threw for a friend. My first impression of Leroy was nearly the same as hers, thinking that he was just really tall and shy.

However, that impression quickly changed. In 1999, Leroy moved in to live at our house, and he quickly became more like a brother. Over the next 5 years more memories were made than I can count. Although some of my favorites are:

- One day I was feeling down, so in order to help cheer me up, Leroy drove me to Sonic so we could get some yummy food. Although, Leroy forgot that he had a giant black uni-brow magic markered on his face, so when the server delivered our food to the car, he got some pretty strange looks!

- One of Leroy and I's all time favorite things to do was sit on the couch and watch tv (movies like Teen Witch!)We would call this, "Festher til 5, dead or alive."

- The year of the tornado when Leroy came to Culver-Stockton to pick me up from college and take me home for the summer and we pulled over on the side of the road to watch the storm when a tornado started forming and the sirens started sounding, and Leroy and I just running back to the car screaming, "F**k!!!!!"

- All the times where Leroy would just wonder into my room and start trying on my bras (the black one with roses on it, particularly.)

- All the sing along times, dischord times, and song writing times. Including 'The Mummy' song that we both wrote and recorded.

- All the infamous browls that Andrew and Leroy would get into, including the time where Andrew made Leroy drink a green substance called, "rotten groceries."

- Leroy and I pretending to be ghouls while walking in the mall.

- The relationship Leroy and I had as Magnolia and Uncle Aurthor, where I would sit on his lap and get some uncle advice. Hahaha.

- The fun times Leroy and I had at Church trying to paper-cut each other with the church programs. Hahaha.

- All of the videos we all made with friends, and the time where I dressed Leroy up like a woman (make-up and all!) and took fashion pictures!

And of course, there are many more I could list right now, but I'll wait until later.

~Allison~ aka: Magnolia
I realize that somebody needs to discuss... THE pants. I'm not certain I'm the proper person to really get across the horror that were the pants. They were Leroy's favourite pair of pants for forever. He used to wear them while lounging around the Marshall's house in the afternoon or evening.

It should also be noted that they were possibly the most terrifying trousers to be viewed my humankind. They were a dark green-blue velor fabric, sort of soft to touch and shiny. They were also, fairly clearly, a woman's pair of velor trousers and rather tight.

They were feared by all who came in contact with Leroy in those pants.

One fine summers evening, Erika, Perry, Ana & I decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. We had to take care of the pants! The world depended upon us!

We found the pants - it took a bit of time, searching around Leroy's room to find the pants. He was at work, I believe... or he might have just been downstairs festering, I'm not quite certain... We took the pants with us and we walked out to the golf course. It was evening, quite dark outside, and we were enjoying the walk.

When we reached the golf course we decided that the pants would go into the lake - but they couldn't just go into the lake, they had to go into the middle of the lake - which meant that we had to go swimming. Since none of us were wearing bathing suits, this meant swimming in the buff. We swam into the lake, wandered out into the middle where we gave the pants a proper good-bye.

I'm not certain if anyone ever told Leroy what happened to the pants. They were QUITE scary and nobody except Leroy missed them once they were gone. To this day I'm certain the pants are in the lake in the middle of the golf course, doing their pants thing.

And thus concludes the terrible tale of pants woe.
OMG. I never heard about this. And now I can't stop laughing.
I can't believe you never heard about this! Oh, maybe I can! I mean, we didn't talk about it widely for fear Leroy might actually find out it was us who made his pants disappear! If I didn't believe he was in the ground sleeping at the moment, I'd say he and the pants were happily reunited in Heaven, much to the dismay of all the angels. :)
Seems fair to me! If he'd ever found out... I can't remember if he ever found out that Erika and I saw him naked in the rearview mirror or not! But I remember we swore not to tell him because we knew it would make him MAD.
Columbia Tribune Obituary for LeRoy Guindon.
There is the pink fur coat that had been spotted at many functions and dinning experiences. I also recall the Hey you Piss moment after a HLG banquent. Erika and Leroy in their komonos and I was dressed up too. We were eating at the famous Joe's diner and a drunk lady had a question for him saying hey you Piss which i think it was suppose to be Miss. I was also introduced to the Misters given by Andrew and Leroy. He was alos very talented musician and took it seriously.He had his own fashion sense that I would have never changed because it was just a part of who he was.
Oh man, I forgot all about Hey You, PISS!
I really enjoyed watching the tribute you put together for LeRoy. Especially the end. So classic! "How do I get down!?"

Thank you, that's from the classic 'fiddler on the roof' time - most random and yet possibly most hilarious 5 minutes of video footage I have!
I'm late to this party. But for the longest time anything I sat down and tried to write about LeRoy just sounded stupid.

I think the strangest thing is that I can still hear his voice in my head, saying ridiculous, ludicrous, hilarious things.

I remember the time I came downstairs at Marshall's and mistook a person with wild hair in a flowery bathrobe by the window for Carolyn... and half an hour later realized it was actually LeRoy. (To be fair, that was my first encounter with the flowery bathrobe.)

I remember LeRoy behind the counter of McDonald's, and hanging out with us on his break (this is VERY early on) - and Erika trying to call Barry Gibb from a payphone. I remember the SUSPENDERS.

I remember drawing 'art' all over his back when Erika and I were being the Bowies.

I remember laying around on the floor of Andrew's room listening to Roy Harper and being so entranced we nearly didn't make it to Blair Witch Project. And the jellybeans that were supposed to keep us from being scared.

I remember the time LeRoy went swimming with Erika and I in Loch Ness and he carried us around the pond for HOURS.

I remember the time Erika and I did something... I don't know what... and the 'boys' punished us by being angry at us for a WHOLE EVENING...

I remember, "Major Tom wants Ground Control to come up and be sleazy with him."

I remember Erika and LeRoy constantly sitting around and practicing Behind Blue Eyes, and Erika always singing, 'And I'm able,' instead of 'And I blame you.' And LeRoy getting mad.

I remember HOURS upon HOURS of watching the Dischords practice and perform and be RIDICULOUS.

I remember stealing LeRoy's CLOTHES. He had a ludicrously raidable wardrobe, and a really good Robert Plant tunic. I remember BECKY PERRY once stole a pair of his underwear because she didn't have her swimsuit with her.

I remember LeRoy making some ridiculous crack about being the third dinosaur at a Robert Plant concert, because Ana was there, and she was Barney, and Robert was there, and he's a rock dinosaur, and we were all kidding about LeRoy being a height dinosaur.

I remember constantly being given tapes and mix CDs and ordered to listen to things.

LeRoy was a good friend to walk with in the dark, to speak with of many things, and to laugh like idiots with.


Oh, gosh! I'd totally forgotten about "Major Tom wants Ground Control to come up and be sleazy with him"

Some fantastic memories!

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