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Yeti Memories

LeRoy, the Yeti, was one of the original members of Cucumber Castle. I thought about using the mailing list but I'm not certain people have their correct emails on that list anymore, and somehow this seemed more inclusive of anyone who might want to share, wish well, comment... I've made this post public and you can comment anonymously which means you don't have to have a LiveJournal account - but if you do that, please leave some way of identifying yourself so we know who you are.

I first met LeRoy at a birthday party I threw for his Aunt, one of my friends. At the time I just remember him as incredibly tall, and very quiet. Odd considering that those don't remotely describe my feelings about him later on! I was also a bit uneasy around him as I'd been informed that he 'liked me'! We were teenagers; being uncomfortable around the other sex was pretty much a given. Of course, later he'd be so familiar and comfortable that this memory feels odd to me.

I'll never forget a Pathfinder Camporee when someone commented on his height, they were told 'he's from Costa Rica!' - as if that explained it and everyone from Costa Rica was incredibly tall.

Locust & Yeti are still , and I think forever will be, inseparable in my mind.

He was fantastic fun to travel with. In New Mexico he took time out at one of our rest stops in the Grand Canyon to jump from boulder to boulder across an area that was extremely spread out. Both littlewillow and I told him that they were quite too far apart to be doing that! Sure enough he managed to gash his leg open so that two months later when we were filming the music video to 'Haunted House', Rika asks him about the ouchy on his leg - still quite prominent!. He was a blast to film with - Darth Sugan being one of his more fantastic roles, and he always knew when to just offer a random back rub just because.

I have more memories but I don't think I can write more of them right now. If you want to, if you are willing to, share a memory or two or three. A photo if you have one digitalized, a video, a link to a post where you've shared memories - for those of us too far away to attend a memorial service this is a virtual visitation, a way to remember and have some closure.

Yesterday I compressed the Farmer Tom video I'd captured for my DVD project into a form that could be posted on YouTube and I've put it below. It both makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Leroy Andres Guindon
5 August 1980 - 8 July 2007
You will be missed.